19 Jun 2019 10:12

Terrorists using 3D printers to make weapons - Russian Security Council

UFA. June 19 (Interfax) - Terrorists are using 3D printers to make weapons invisible to metal detectors, Russian Security Council Deputy Secretary Yury Kokov said at an international conference in Ufa on Wednesday.

"There have been cases of terrorists using 3D printers to make both bladed weapons and firearms from polymeric materials at home, which, as we know, are invisible to metal detectors," Kokov said.

A new form of terrorist activity is attacks on coastal infrastructure, he said, adding that such attacks are perpetrated by divers specially trained to mine seaports and seize civilian vessels; primarily oil and gas tankers.

"The problem of unauthorized access of terrorists to automated control systems of hazardous and crucial infrastructure is growing year by year," Kokov said.