20 Jun 2019 12:29

ARMZ's Khiagda aims to reach design capacity of 1,000 t of uranium in 2019

ULAN-UDE. June 20 (Interfax) - JSC Khiagda, a division of Russian uranium group Atomredmetzoloto (ARMZ) in Buryatia, plans reach uranium production design capacity of 1,000 tonnes per year in 2019, materials on the Buryatia government's website show.

The company produced 858 tonnes of uranium in 2018, almost a quarter more than in the previous year. Production this year might therefore increase by another 16.6%.

Production is expected to increase with the launch of two new deposits, Istochnoye and Vershinnoye.

"Khiagda was Russia's first "smart mine," using the latest intelligent technology for managing deposit development. Each borehole is equipped with special sensors and all information received from them is processed by an information system that calculates the optimal means of extracting the metal and most efficient way to feed chemical reagents. This makes it possible to increase productivity and the economic efficiency of mining," the materials stated.

JSC Khiagda was founded in 1997 in the Bauntovsky district of Buryatia. The company's resource base is the Khiagda ore field, which includes the Khiagdinskoye, Istochnoye, Vershinnoye, Dybrynskoye, Tetrakhskoye, Kolichikanskoye, Namaruskoye and Koretkondinskoye deposits.