20 Jun 2019 15:25

Goal of boosting Russian agricultural exports to $45 bln by 2024 attainable - Putin

MOSCOW. June 20 (Interfax) - The task of raising Russian agricultural exports to $45 billion by 2024 is attainable, Russian President Vladimir Putin said at his annual Q&A session.

"We are striving to boost agricultural exports to $45 billion by 2024, and I believe that this is an attainable figure," Putin said.

"Whether we achieve this or not - this is of course the question. But we need to make every effort, this is a realistic plan," he said.

Russian agriculture exports came to $25.7 billion in 2018.

"If ten years ago anyone had told me or those sitting here today that we would be exporting $25.7 billion in agricultural produce like we did last year we'd have laughed in their face," Putin said. "We'd have shaken their hand and said thanks for these good but unachievable intentions. But today this is has happened," he said.

Putin said those achievements had been possible partly due to anti-Russian sanctions. "That mobilized us," he said.