20 Jun 2019 18:51

U.S. Embassy to Russia demands evidence of Whelan's culpability

MOSCOW. June 20 (Interfax) - The United States Embassy to Russia has demanded evidence of spy activities by Paul Whelan, who has U.S., Irish, Canadian and British citizenships.

"Paul Whelan has been in custody for 175 days. Almost six months have passed but no evidence of his guilt has been shown yet. Russian authorities claim that Whelan was ostensibly caught red-handed. Show the proof in court or stop playing games," the embassy said on its Russian-language Twitter account.

Earlier on Thursday Moscow City Court upheld the custody extension for the spy suspect until the end of the summer.

The defense lawyers asked the court of appeal to release Whelan on bail or place him under house arrest.

The hearing was held behind closed doors due to the classified nature of Whelan's case.