21 Jun 2019 19:06

Medvedev following talks with Belarusian PM on integration issues: we are finally talking one language

MINSK. June 21 (Interfax) - Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev has positively assessed the Russian-Belarusian talks held in Minsk on Friday, adding that the parties had managed to achieve mutual understanding.

"The talks went very well. We really understand each other, we hear each other's arguments, and I will say absolutely sincerely, not for the sake of observing diplomatic etiquette, that we are finally talking one language on integration issues. It didn't happen instantly," Medvedev said after talks with his Belarusian counterpart.

The Russian prime minister divided bilateral issues into three groups. The first group includes issues in which the parties have the same understanding about the essence and timeframe for making key decisions.

"The second group of issues includes issues on which we have the same perception of specific decisions in the sphere of economics that need to be made, or in the social sphere, but where there is no clear understanding as to over what kind of period of time they need to be made. Additional discussions are needed here," Medvedev said.

The third group of issues is "very small," it includes issues on which additional consultations need to be conducted for political and legal reasons, Medvedev said. "Yes, the parties understand that it will need to be done, but when and how still remains to be determined, and not only on the government level, but also on the presidential level," Medvedev said.

The first two groups of issues make up the main agenda, he said.

"This applies to the tax policies, budget policies, and social policy, monetary policy, and the development of uniform or close approaches to them," Medvedev said.