24 Jun 2019 09:58

Chelyabinsk Mayor Yelistratov resigns

CHELYABINSK. June 24 (Interfax) - Chelyabinsk Mayor Vladimir Yelistratov has tendered his resignation.

The Chelyabinsk City Duma accepted his resignation at a special meeting on Monday, an Interfax correspondent said in a report.

"The vote was unanimous," Chelyabinsk City Duma Speaker Stanislav Mosharov said.

Acting Chelyabinsk Region Governor Alexei Teksler said he had initiated Yelistratov's resignation.

"I think it is time for a change; this is necessary. In my opinion, the population has no trust in the mayor, and quality decisions must rapidly be made in every area. Vladimir Alexeyevich is a member of the old team. I suggested that he tender his resignation. This is a joint decision. He agreed that we were not exactly on the same page," Teksler told the press after Yelistratov's resignation was accepted.

He added that the new Chelyabinsk City Duma to be elected on September 8 will elect the mayor.

"Deputies will be elected simultaneously with the governor. The new City Duma will choose the head of administration," Teksler said.