24 Jun 2019 14:38

Former Navy Commander Korolyov to serve as USC vice-president for military shipbuilding - Rakhmanov

MOSCOW. June 24 (Interfax) - Former Russian Navy Commander Vladimir Korolyov is to serve as vice-president for military shipbuilding of the United Shipbuilding Corporation (USC), USC President Alexei Rakhmanov said at a press conference at Interfax on Monday.

"There will be a vice-president for military shipbuilding. You know his name," Rakhmanov said.

"Once his labor and service relations with the Defense Ministry are finished, Vladimir Ivanovich [Korolyov] will take the post, on approximately July 10-11," Rakhmanov said.

The new USC vice-president for civilian shipbuilding will take office on roughly the same dates, he said.

"The candidate for vice-president for civilian shipbuilding has been chosen and presented to the HR Committee. As soon as he is confirmed by the HR Committee, I will share his name with you. He will start work on July 10," Rakhmanov said.