27 Jun 2019 11:09

Late captain of An-24 aircraft that burned down during landing in Buryatia was experienced pilot

IRKUTSK. June 27 (Interfax) - The late captain of the Antonov An-24 aircraft, which made a rough landing at the Nizhneangarsk airport, had a total flying experience of 15,700 hours, the press service for the Angara airline said.

Late captain of the aircraft (inspector pilot) Vladimir Kolomin had worked in aviation for 34 years, the report said.

Late flight engineer Oleg Bardanov had a total flight experience of 13,700 hours and 35 years work experience.

Second pilot Sergei Sazonov and flight attendant Yelena Laputskaya were not injured during in the landing, the report said.

According to Angara, all 43 passengers (42 adults and one child) were evacuated in a timely manner. No passengers were killed.

"The IAC commission will be investigating the crash," the press release said.

The An-24 aircraft, owned by the airline Angara, rolled off the runway, crashed into a building and fully burned down in Nizhneangarsk, Buryatia, on Thursday.