28 Jun 2019 18:17

Macron hoping for "Normandy-format" summit in July

OSAKA, Japan. June 28 (Interfax) - French President Emmanuel Macron expects the upcoming summit of the "Normandy quartet" in July to focus on the issue of settling the Ukrainian domestic conflict in light of the Minsk Agreements.

"I am pleased that we again have the opportunity to exchange views, primarily on the bilateral agenda to which we've given a new boost since your visit to Versailles and later mine to St. Petersburg. And we know that we have the opportunity to improve our relations further over the next two weeks," Macron told Russian President Vladimir Putin at a meeting in Osaka on Friday.

"Literally within a few weeks' time we'll have a very important two-plus-two meeting of our defense and foreign affairs ministers. As permanent members of the UN Security Council we need to pay particular attention to some issues such as the Ukrainian one in light of the Minsk Package of Measures. I hope we will meet in July in the Normandy format," Macron said.

He also suggested discussing Iran and Syria because the situation in both these countries is of special interest to Moscow and Paris.

"This cooperation of ours is the most important thing in the current international context. I am also convinced that liberal democracies can still contribute a lot into this world. This is not the only development model but it has its strength, its special spirit. And within this dialogue we can have quite a good discussion of our issues," Macron said.

Putin said: "Everything has its prospects. Nothing disappears or dies without trace, one form evolves into another, and everything is in continual development."