29 Jun 2019 18:37

No breakthrough decisions made at G20 summit, but everyone agrees on need to reform WTO - Putin

OSAKA. June 29 (Interfax) - Russian President Vladimir Putin said that no breakthrough decisions were made during the recent G20 summit in Osaka, but noted that participants in the forum are ready to improve the world trade system.

"No breakthrough decisions were made, it's true. But, nevertheless, all participants in the forum reiterated their commitment to working further on the improvement of the world trade system, including working on reforming the WTO [World Trade Organization]," Putin said at a briefing in Osaka on Saturday.

"The very fact that everyone reaffirmed the need for this process and readiness to work on this area is already positive," he said.

All G20 countries, except the United States whose position on the Paris Agreement is well known, "reaffirmed their readiness to honor and implement the arrangements in the framework of the Paris Agreement.

"Yet there is, in my view, something positive about the U.S. position as well, in that the Americans have always said they are ready to work on the ecological agenda under their program. The wordings need to be looked at, but that the Americans said that they too want to make their contribution in resolving environmental problems, I think this, too, is a positive thing," Putin said.

As for Russia's position, "we are going to honor our obligations in full," Putin said.