1 Jul 2019 09:57

Putin promises to request information in Rolf case

OSAKA. June 29 (Interfax) - Russian President Vladimir Putin said he is unaware about the criminal case against Sergei Petrov, founder of the Rolf car dealership, but will request all necessary information.

"As for Mr. Petrov, I don't know anything, it's the first time I hear about it," Putin told journalists in Osaka on Saturday.

"I was here [in Osaka] and you're asking about what has happened in Moscow. It is not the kind of information I receive reports about online," he said.

The Russian president said he is not acquainted with Petrov and knows nothing about his business.

"I cannot comment whether it's fair or not. It is obvious that the law enforcement agencies must do their job and suppress some illegal activities," Putin said.

"As for this case, I cannot say anything. And of course, I cannot personally monitor all cases of such kind. But I promise you I will certainly request all necessary information," the Russian president said.