1 Jul 2019 10:40

Heavy rains prompt state of emergency in some districts of Novosibirsk region

NOVOSIBIRSK. June 1 (Interfax) - A state of emergency has been put in place in several districts of the Novosibirsk region, regional Agriculture Minister Yevgeny Leshchenko said at a meeting in the region's government on Monday.

"Heavy daily rains - two to 3.5 average monthly climate norms of precipitation was registered in these areas in June, and a dangerous agrometeorological thing, water saturation of upper soil layers, was also registered. A state of emergency was put in place in several districts, namely, in the Ubinsky, Vengerovsky, Tatarsky, Ust-Tarsky, and Chanovsky districts," he said.

A state of emergency is also expected to be put in place in the Kargatsky, Zdvinsky, Chulymsky, and Severny districts, Leshchenko said.