3 Jul 2019 17:07

Kuznetsova to engage in Russian children's return from Syria

IZHEVSK. July 3 (Interfax) - The Russian side intends to clarify the total number of children of Russian citizens in the territory of Syria outside the government's control, Russian Children's Rights Commissioner Anna Kuznetsova said.

"Talks are already ongoing and I turned to the Foreign Ministry regarding establishing a dialogue and searching for solutions in Syria. We're beginning serious work on this," Kuznetsova told journalists during her working visit to Udmurtia on Wednesday.

"There are three camps in the territory outside the official Syrian authorities' control. [...] It is important now to clarify how many of our children are there. They are both among orphans and with their legal guardians in these territories. This is why it is crucial to find out how many of them are there and try to establish interaction, talks about this," she said.