5 Jul 2019 17:09

Russia posts consolidated budget surplus of 2.6 tln rubles in Jan-May - Treasury

MOSCOW. July 5 (Interfax) - Russia had a consolidated budget surplus of 2.55 trillion rubles in January-May 2019, the Federal Treasury said in a report posted on its website.

Consolidated budget revenues totaled 15.62 trillion rubles, with spending at 13.071 trillion rubles.

The federal budget had a surplus of 1.283 trillion rubles with revenues of 7.867 trillion rubles and expenditures of 6.584 trillion rubles.

The consolidated budget surplus of constituent members of the Russian Federation was 1.024 trillion rubles in January-May with revenues of 5.407 trillion rubles and spending of 4.383 trillion rubles.

The budgets of state extra-budgetary funds had a surplus of 162 billion rubles with 4.52 trillion rubles of revenue and 4.359 trillion rubles of spending.