7 Jul 2019 16:49

Iran's actions regarding uranium enrichment provoked by Washington - State Duma's Slutsky

MOSCOW. July 7 (Interfax) - An increase in Iran's uranium enrichment levels has been due to the United States' withdrawal from the nuclear deal, head of the State Duma Foreign Affairs Committee Leonid Slutsky said.

"Iran's statement on its plans to resume uranium enrichment above the level of 3.67% envisaged by the JCPOA [the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action] resulted from the U.S. withdrawal from the nuclear deal and European partners' failure to meet their commitments to work out a financial mechanism to bypass American sanctions. The motivation behind Tehran's actions is absolutely clear here. This is a result of a major and well-orchestrated provocation," Slutsky told the press on Sunday.

The U.S. is consistently demonizing Iran, imposing the label of "a dangerous regime" in Tehran on the international community.

"Washington absolutely did not like Iran's calm implementation of the JCPOA controlled by the IAEA. Walking out from the agreement and stepping up military efforts near Iranian borders, the American administration step by step provoked Tehran to undertake tit-for-tat actions," the Russian senior parliamentarian said.

"Meanwhile, Iran remains a big player and stability and security in the region depends on its line. And Russia warned and is warning about that at all key international floors," Slutsky said.

It is becoming more and more difficult to influence on Iran in current conditions, but one should continue to do so, he said.

"We are constantly maintaining the dialogue with Iranian partners in the field of parliamentary diplomacy and are convincing them of not reacting to Washington's provocations. On the contrary, Tehran should set an example of tolerance and shouldn't clinch with the international community," the head of the State Duma committee added.

Russia will continue to work with Iranian partners, with whom the country is keeping in close contact, he said.