9 Jul 2019 09:37

No need to supply state reserve fuel to Russia's Far East, prices will be regulated by higher damper - Kokaz

YEKATERINBURG. July 9 (Interfax) - There is no need to supply additional fuel from Russia's State Reserves (Rosrezerv) to the country's Far East in order to solve the problem of high fuel prices in the region, Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Kozak told reporters.

This proposal was considered at government meetings on fuel, he said. "We considered this problem related to fuel purchases for Rosrezerv. We're talking about regulating the schedule of additional purchases, buying additional volumes of fuel for Rosrezerv for intervention. There is no need for this, this requires additional tanks," Kozak said.

"Everything has already been long resolved. We are now adjusting the damper, there will be a multiplier in it, an additional markup for the Far East, and we will hope that everything will be alright there," Kozak said.

He said "everything is genuinely more difficult in the Far East, there is an additional logistical component, but the growth index for motor fuel prices in the Far East will not exceed the parameters that were set according to last year's agreement and the forecasts that we factored into the damper."

"Today we not only took into account companies' wishes, calculations and rationale were presented by oil companies. There will be an additional markup on the damper on the negative excise for the Far East," Kozak said.