17 Jul 2019 11:04

Adjustments to Russian Constitution have to be pinpointed - Volodin

MOSCOW. July 17 (Interfax) - The basic values envisaged by the Constitution should stay unchanged and amendments should help realize them in life, Russian State Duma Speaker Vyacheslav Volodin said.

"No doubt, we are not talking about changing and revising the basic provisions of the Constitution. They are unshakeable. On the contrary, we need to speak about how to realize them best, adapt them to new challenges," he said in his article entitled Living Constitution of Development published in the Wednesday edition of Parlamentskaya Gazeta.

It is necessary to speak about what new constitutional interpretations or extra legislative decisions that meet the needs of the people and the vital tasks of the country's development, Volodin said. "And pinpointed adjustments of the Constitution which make it possible to make a better use of the legal potential of our Main Law, are only reasonable sometimes," he said.

"The main conclusion and formula for updating the Constitution consist in the following. The basic constitutional norms and values are unchanged. Other provisions of the Constitution can develop and adapt to the current time. But it should take place through mechanisms of the quality of democracy, procedural strength of balance and interaction between the authorities required for achieving constitutional goals, in particular, the goals of a social state," the speaker said.

The basic values envisaged by the Constitution are protection of man and development of a social state.