17 Jul 2019 19:45

Russian envoy urges U.S., NATO countries to store nukes only in own territories, like Russia does

BRUSSELS. July 17 (Interfax) - Russia urges the United States and other NATO countries to store their nuclear arsenals only in their national territories.

"Russia deploys and stockpiles all its nuclear weapons exclusively on the national territory. We call upon U.S. and NATO to follow this practice," Russian Permanent Representative to international organizations in Vienna Mikhail Ulyanov said on Twitter on Wednesday.

Western media reported earlier that a NATO-affiliated body published a report accidentally disclosing the locations of U.S. tactical nuclear weapons deployed in Europe.

According to this information, 150 items of U.S. tactical nuclear weapons were stored at six military bases around Europe, i.e. Kleine Brogel (Belgium), Buchel (Germany), Aviano and Ghedi-Torre (Italy), Volkel (the Netherlands), and Incirlik (Turkey).