19 Jul 2019 11:42

Young people must be protected from destructive influence of foreign special services, NGOs - Patrushev

ST. PETERSBURG. July 19 (Interfax) - Foreign special services are trying to influence Russian young people, Russian Security Council Secretary Nikolai Patrushev said.

"It is especially important to take into account the fact that young people due to their age, philosophical and psychological characteristics may be influenced by terrorist and extremist organizations, radical youth structures, crime bosses, religious organizations and various totalitarian sects," Patrushev said at a meeting on Friday.

"This is promoted by the destructive activities of foreign special services and various foreign non-commercial organizations aimed at sabotaging morals and eroding traditional Russian values," he said.

Russian young people must be protected from negative influence, he said.

"We need reliable protection from the dissemination of extremist products, propaganda of violence and ethnic intolerance. This especially applies to destructive information disseminated on the Internet," he said.