20 Jul 2019 10:52

Rustavi 2 TV host Gabunia to continue working - new director general

TBILISI. July 20 (Interfax) - The new director general of the Rustavi 2 television broadcasting company, Paata Salia, said he believes that journalist Giorgi Gabunia, who has gained notoriety and was suspended for two months, will be able to return to work when the period of penalty ends.

"When the term of the penalty imposed on Gabunia by the TV channel's self-regulation council ends, he will be able to continue his usual activities," Salia said at a meeting with the Rustavi 2 staff.

Khibar Khalvashi, the new owner of the TV channel, is not going to interfere in its editorial policy, he said.

Salia also said at a meeting with the TV channel staff that he had familiarized himself with the channel's financial situation and it turned out to be much worse than he expected.

Representatives of the Rustavi 2 TV channel, in turn, offered the new director general to form a public council to control the personnel issue in the TV broadcaster.

Salia promised to discuss this issue with the owner of the TV channel.

Rustavi 2 recently found itself in at the center of a controversy following scandalous remarks insulting Russian President Vladimir Putin which a host of the TV broadcaster, Giorgi Gabunia, made on July 7. The State Duma then issued a statement calling on the Russian government to impose extra economic restrictions on Georgia. However, Putin spoke against the sanctions on Georgia proposed by the Russian parliamentarians.