20 Jul 2019 17:23

Ukrainian Yuzhnoye Design Office developing orbital space plane

KYIV. July 20 (Interfax) - The Ukrainian state enterprise the Yuzhnoye Design Office Named After Yangel (based in Dnipro) is developing an orbital space plane to shuttle payloads and astronauts to and from low circumterrestrial orbits, the company said on its website.

Other promising projects include: a multipurpose transport space module, to service clients' satellites in orbit (orbital inspection, switching into set orbital position, maintaining within set orbital positions, moving to the intended orbit in case of a delivery to a wrong orbit, burying the spacecraft which run out of service), the statement said.

Using its experience and advanced technologies, the Yuzhnoye continues to develop remote sensing satellites for general, high and super-resolution optical imaging: Sych-2-1, Sych-2M and Sat4EO, and the scientific and technological satellites - Microsate, CubeSat, GS-1 and Aerosol-UA, the company said.

Yuzhnoye is Ukraine's main scientific center with advanced space technologies and a world renowned designer of space rocket equipment. Today the company exports over 80% of its products and services, mostly to the United States and European Union.