22 Jul 2019 19:14

Pro-president Servant of the People winning Ukrainian parliamentary elections with 42.83% after 80% of votes counted

KYIV. July 22 (Interfax) - According to 80.05% of processed electronic protocols, five political forces will get seats in the Ukrainian Verkhovna Rada; specifically, Servant of the People, currently winning 42.83% of the vote, Opposition Platform - For Life (12.98%), European Solidarity (8.33%), Batkivshchyna (8.09%) and Holos (6.08%).

According to data published on the Central Elections Commission's (CEC) website, parties failing to cross the 5% barrier currently include Radical Party (3.89%), Strength and Honor (3.79%), Opposition Bloc (3.17%), and Sharij Party (2.3%).

Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman's Ukrainian Strategy, gaining 2.27%, is followed by Svoboda (2.22%) and Civil Position (1.07%).

United Samopomych (0.65%) and Greens (0.64%) are among parties garnering less than 1% of the vote, the CEC said.