25 Jul 2019 18:06

Some 'aspects' of Russian Constitution could be adjusted - Matviyenko

MOSCOW. July 25 (Interfax) - The basic provisions of the Russian Constitution do not require any radical amendments; however, some minor adjustments are possible, Russian Federation Council Chairperson Valentina Matviyenko said.

"I have always believed and do believe that the basic provisions of our constitution do not require any radical amendments. We've achieved a balance and separation of powers. That doesn't mean that we couldn't adjust some aspects though," Matviyenko said at a press conference on Wednesday.

She so replied to a question concerning discussions on a possible constitutional reform and particularly Duma Chairman Vyacheslav Volodin's idea of amending the constitution to increase the parliament's role in forming governments.

"The fact that a discussion is continuing is fine. The constitution is not just the main law of the country, but this is also an act of a social consensus adopted at a referendum at a very difficult transition time, during a period of transformation in our country. And we should really value this social consensus," she said.

The balance between the government branches and their independence should be maintained and supported, and, if need be, the legislation in this area could be adjusted, but without amending the basic provisions of the constitution, she said.