30 Jul 2019 17:43

Sponsor of draft bill on significant IT companies ready to redraft it, but only after broad debate involving Yandex

MOSCOW. July 30 (Interfax) - A bill on limiting foreign ownership of significant IT companies to 20% could be changed, but a relevant discussion should first be held with the participation of experts; primarily, representatives of Yandex, sponsor of the legislative initiative State Duma member Anton Gorelkin said.

"Deputy Prime Minister [Maxim] Akimov said that the bill needs to be reworked, but no one is saying that my bill in its current form is the truth and the final word," Gorelkin told Interfax on Tuesday.

"That's why the second reading exists, to rewrite it completely, make it meet all the necessary standards as our managers understand them," he said.

"My bill is an invitation to discussion," Gorelkin said.