1 Aug 2019 16:18

Russian military ships arrive in Barents Sea for training

MOSCOW. Aug 1 (Interfax) - Ships and vessels of the Arctic group of Russia's Northern Fleet are training cohesion in the Barents Sea, Northern Fleet spokesman Vadim Serga said.

"Ships and support vessels of the Northern Fleet are fulfilling joint missions in the Barents Sea within the framework of the Arctic group. The drill is supervised by Northern Fleet Deputy Commander Vice Adm. Viktor Sokolov," Serga said.

The sailors will train formation maneuvering, communication, supply and logistics, assistance to a ship in distress, and rescue of people in distress on Thursday and Friday, he said. The crews will additionally accomplish air defense, anti-sub, and anti-sabotage training missions in the high seas and unprotected roadsteads.

The Northern Fleet's Arctic group comprises the destroyer Vice-Admiral Kulakov, the landing ships Alexander Otrakovsky and Kondopoga, the rescue tug Pamir, the tanker Sergei Osipov, and the icebreaker Ilya Muromets.

This is the 8th training voyage. The ships will sail along the Northern Sea Route up to the Novosibirsk Islands.