2 Aug 2019 19:42

Smokejumpers called in to fight forest fires - Aerial Forest Protection Service

MOSCOW. Aug 2 (Interfax) - Specialists from the Aerial Forest Protection Service (Avialesokhrana) are laying up to two kilometers of firebreaks each day to fight forest fires, the agency's press service said.

"To stop the fire, Avialesokhrana parachutists are actively laying firebreaks. Where possible, Avialesokhrana teams are aided by forest-firefighting equipment. A group of five-six smokejumpers using shovels and pickaxes lays up to two kilometers of mineralized barrier in a day, fully clearing the ground surface from moss, grass, roots, other vegetation and humus right down to the incombustible clay surface," the agency stated.

In all, the effort involves over 600 smokejumpers.