5 Aug 2019 15:07

Russian regions have delivered 54.5% of federal subsidies earmarked for agriculture

MOSCOW. August 5 (Interfax) - As of August 1, 118 billion rubles in federal subsidies earmarked for supporting the agricultural industry had been transferred to regions, the Agriculture Ministry said.

A total of 54.5% (64.3 billion rubles) had been provided to the final recipients, almost 3 percentage points higher than the week before.

85.4% of subsidies for decoupled support for crop-growers had been provided, and 87.3% of subsidies for raising productivity in dairy-cattle breeding.

The lowest levels of subsidy delivery were seen in Ingushetia (5.1%), Sevastopol (15.7%), the Jewish Autonomous Region (17.3%), Dagestan (26.9%), and the Rostov region (28.8%). The highest were seen in the Altai Territory (87.9%), the Magadan region (86.9%), the Vologda region (85.8%), the Chukotka Autonomous District (83.8%), and the Nenets Autonomous District (83.3%).