6 Aug 2019 14:51

CEC declines to consider Yankauskas' appeal against denial of registration as Moscow City Duma candidate - Golos

MOSCOW. Aug 6 (Interfax) - The Central Elections Commission (CEC) has declined to consider the appeal of Konstantin Yankauskas, who had been denied registration as a candidate in the Moscow City Duma elections, against the refusal of registration, Golos movement co-chair Grigory Melkonyants said, citing Yankauskas' representative.

"The Russian CEC's telegram with the refusal to consider the mailed appeal against the declined registration was received. The reason is the expiry of the time for the appeal," Melkonyants said on Facebook.

The Moscow City Elections Commission made a decision to dismiss Yankauskas' appeal against the decision of a district elections commission on July 25, the expert said. The appeal was drafted and sent to the CEC on July 29, within the envisaged five-day period. The CEC received the appeal in the mail on August 2, in accordance with the attached copy of the CEC response.

According to the telegram signed by CEC deputy head Nikolai Bulayev, Yankauskas failed to file the appeal within the time limit of five days set by the law.

Yankauskas is currently serving his administrative sentence. On July 29, he was arrested for seven days for the July 27 rally. On August 5, he was given ten more days of administrative arrest for the unsanctioned meeting with his voters on July 14.

"The Commission must take into consideration the date when the appeal was posted. We hope that it was inadvertence by someone in the CEC that resulted in the confusion between the date when the letter was posted and the date when the appeal was filed," Melkonyants said.

Interfax was not able to obtain the CEC's comment on this issue so far.