7 Aug 2019 12:19

Most Muscovites feel neutral about recent protests - Levada

MOSCOW. Aug 7 (Interfax) - Seventy-seven percent of Muscovites polled by the Levada Analytical Center said they were aware of the recent protests against the exclusion of independent opposition candidates from the Moscow City Duma election, the pollster said in a statement seen by Interfax.

Twenty-nine percent of the respondents said they were closely monitoring the events, and 48% heard something about the protests, Levada said, adding that almost a quarter of the respondents heard nothing about the protests in Moscow.

Twenty-seven percent of the respondents expressed their negative attitude to the protests, 30% felt neutral, and 26% supported the protests although did not personally participate in those. Nine percent of the respondents said they could join the protests, and 2% said they were part of the protests.

An overwhelming majority of the respondents (83%) know about the Moscow City Duma election pending on September 8, and 55% plan to cast their votes. Levada said.

Twenty-two percent of the respondents said they would not vote, and 19% said they would definitely not come to polls.

According to Levada, 15% of the respondents had chosen their candidate, and 62% were undecided.

Ten percent of the respondents said their choice would be based on the candidate's experience and program, and another 10% said they would rely on the domestic situation. An equal number of respondents (4%) said their choice would be based on opposition to United Russia and July 27 protests.

Levada polled 1,500 Muscovites on July 26-31, 2019, on the orders from the Foundation for Civil Society Development.