9 Aug 2019 21:45

Ukraine allows Russian plane in its airspace for half-hour to let it fly around thunderstorm

KYIV. Aug 9 (Interfax) - Ukraine let a Moscow-bound Russian-registered airplane flying from Bari, Italy in its airspace so it could fly around a thunderstorm cloud on Wednesday, August 7, the State Aviation Administration, Ukraerorukh, said on Facebook.

"The Ukraerocenter on August 7, 2019 permitted a pilot of the Russian airline Globus Airlines aircraft Boeing-738 REG-VQBMG performing flight GLP636 from Bari (Italy) to Moscow (Russia) to use Ukrainian airspace in the responsibility area of the Lviv air traffic control center to allow the flight to go around a major storm system. [...] The Boeing-738 entered Ukrainian airspace via the navigational fix LADOB on flight level FL370 at 15:07UTC and exited via the navigational fix AMIRI on flight level FL370 at 15:33UTC," it said.

In issuing the overflight permit, the Ukraerorukh was guided by the relevant resolution issued by the flight safety board of the State Aviation Administration of Ukraine (SAAU) on December 2, 2015, and by regulatory and legal acts of Ukraine concerning aviation and the use of national airspace, in conformity with ICAO standards, it said.

"It is stipulated in the SAAU resolution that if there is the need to go around a dangerous meteorological system (if a go-around without entering Ukrainian airspace may lead to an emergency with the aircraft), any aircraft, including one registered in the Russian Federation, may be permitted to enter Ukrainian airspace," it said.

The Ukrainian Cabinet of Ministers banned all transit flights for all Russian airlines in Ukraine's airspace in November 2015. Air traffic between Ukraine and Russia stopped at midnight on October 25 due to earlier sanctions introduced by the two countries against each other's airlines.