12 Aug 2019 19:40

Bolotnaya riot case defendant arrested for 13 days for profane language from stage at Aug 10 rally

MOSCOW. Aug 12 (Interfax) - Moscow's Meschansky District Court on Monday found activist Alexei Polikhovich guilty of petty hooliganism at the August 10 opposition rally on Sakharov Avenue in Moscow.

"The court found Polikhovich guilty of committing an administrative offense defined in Article 20.1 of the Russian Administrative Offense Code and penalized him with 13 days of administrative arrest," the court told Interfax.

Polikhovich was detained on the evening of August 11 on his way back from his office.

The rally authorized by the mayor's office in support of unregistered candidates at the Moscow City Duma election and in defense of people detained at the protests was held on August 10. According to the White Counter, the rally was attended by 60,000 people, while the Interior Ministry said that about 20,000 people attended it.

At the rally Polikhovich spoke up on the stage and used foul language in several statements during his speech.

On February 24, 2014, Polikhovich was sentenced to three and a half years' imprisonment for attending mass disturbances and the use of violence against a police officer at the opposition rally in May 2012 in Bolotnaya Square. In October 2015, the Ryazansky District Court in the Ryazan Region granted his appeal for the release on parole.