13 Aug 2019 15:35

Hong Kong situation created pretext for foreign interference in Chinese affairs - ambassador to Russia

MOSCOW/BEIJING. Aug 13 (Interfax) - The rallies and riots in Hong Kong have allowed some foreign states to try to interfere in China's domestic affairs, China's new Ambassador to Russia Zhang Hanhui said in an article written specially for Interfax.

"They [the protests] also gave a pretext to some countries that have secret motives to interfere in China's domestic affairs," Zhang said.

"If we look at how countries that flaunt their freedom and democracy and that from time to time brandish the truncheon of 'human rights' treat violent attacks on policemen, the government, and the country's breakup, the conclusion as to their true nature becomes obvious," he said.

Zhang accused a number of Western media outlets that are covering the Hong Kong situation of distorting the truth and of bias.

The Hong Kong administration adheres to the law, which is why the special administrative region's authorities and law enforcement agencies have the right to bring those guilty of unlawful actions to justice, he wrote.

Mass protests flared in Hong Kong in early June after the local administration announced its plans to amend legislation to allow extradition to mainland China. The Hong Kong administration dropped the initiative, after which protesters started to demand investigating the use of excessive violent force by police officers against the protesters and the resignation of Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam.

Beijing said on August 12 that the riots have features of terrorist activity.