14 Aug 2019 17:15

Inter RAO may include elements of recent stock option program in new strategy

GORNO-ALTAYSK. August 14 (Interfax) - Inter RAO may include elements of its latest stock option program for the company's upper management in its new strategy, management board member Alexey Maslov said on a conference call.

"The motivational program will be discussed in the context of the new strategy. Certain approaches, which are currently being drawn up, will be proposed. We believe that the option program which was implemented in 2016-2018 proved itself an effective instrument. And first and foremost, in terms of bringing the goals of management, shareholders and investors closer together. Some elements of the Inter RAO program could be reflected in the company's new long-term motivational program," Maslov said.

Consideration of the new strategy by the board of directors is due in May 2020.

"In line with the schedule of our board of directors, we have planned the consideration of the updated strategy for May 2020. At the same time, a draft strategy will be considered by the management board and board of directors committees as early as Q4 2019," he said.