15 Aug 2019 19:36

Police negotiating with man shooting in Moscow region - police

MOSCOW. Aug 15 (Interfax) - The police are having talks with a man, who locked himself inside a department store in the Moscow Region after shooting there, but no people were injured in the incident.

"A call came that bangs sounding like gunshots are heard in a department store in the Belaya Dacha neighborhood. Police officers immediately came to the scene and established that the man came into the store and fired a shot with the unidentified gun into the ceiling," the press service of the regional police department told Interfax.

The incident has occurred in a department store, but not in a hair salon, as was previously reported, according to updated police reports. The store is situated in the Belaya Dacha neighborhood in the town of Kotelniki outside Moscow.

The police said that the sellers and buyers left the scene of the incident and no people were hurt.

"The attacker locked himself inside the store, and the talks are under way with him," the press service said.

The police established that a local resident, born in 1968, stirred a household conflict. The detention operation of the wrongdoer is under way, the police department added.

The love drama is behind the shooting incident in the Moscow Region, according to Interfax sources. The man demanded a bottle of cognac from law enforcement officers, according to latest reports.