15 Aug 2019 21:54

French experts join Russian investigation of A321 emergency landing

PARIS. Aug 15 (Interfax) - Experts from the French Civil Aviation Safety Investigation Authority are taking part in the investigation of an incident in Russia which involved an A321 airliner, the agency said on Thursday.

"Civil Aviation Safety Investigation Authority participates in the safety investigation led by the Russian authorities," the agency wrote on Twitter.

The specialists "will be on site tomorrow," it said.

They will include three investigators from the Authority and experts from Airbus.

Ural Airlines Flight 178 bound for Simferopol was hit by a flock of birds shortly after takeoff from the Zhukovsky Airport on Thursday morning and made an emergency landing in a field near a runway in the Ramenskoye district. The Airbus A-321 was carrying 226 passengers and seven crewmembers. According to the latest updates, 76 people sought medical assistance.