16 Aug 2019 22:44

Mother of child suffering from epilepsy, who was detained in Moscow with foreign drug, is witness in case - Federal Customs Service

MOSCOW. Aug 16 (Interfax) - The woman who received a foreign drug for her child who is suffering from epilepsy is a witness in a criminal case involving the transfer of psychotropic substances across the border, the Federal Customs Service said.

"The Moscow resident is now a witness in this criminal case," the Federal Customs Service press service told Interfax.

The criminal case was opened on the basis of the article dealing with illegal transfer over the customs border of the Customs Union in the EAEU narcotic substances psychotropic substances, their precursors or analogues.

According to the Federal Customs Service, the woman was detained at a post office while receiving pills of the seizure tranquilizer Frisium, which is not registered in Russia.

"The Moscow resident received three international mail parcels containing Frisium. The batch contained a total of 600 pills. The drug is on the list of psychotropic substances whose turnover in Russia is restricted by the Russian government's Order