19 Aug 2019 11:54

Four village residents in northern Kazakhstan contract anthrax - Kazakh Health Ministry

NUR-SULTAN. Aug 19 (Interfax) - Anthrax has been confirmed by lab tests in four out of the five hospitalized residents of the village of Olginka in the Akmola region of Kazakhstan, the press service for the committee for goods and services quality and safety control of the Kazakh Health Ministry said on Monday.

"Five suspected anthrax patients have now been registered, the disease has been confirmed I four of them via lab tests. The disease was spread as a result of forced slaughter of cattle (cow) without veterinary control on a private farm [...] The contacts have been determined, they are under medical supervision, they ae examined and have their their temperature taken twice a day," the ministry said in its report.

Three extra medical workers have been sent to Olginka to visit residences, the report said.

"The laboratory [...] has now taken material from the patients for a serological study. Lab services experts have also taken materials from a sick animal since the first anthrax patient was registered," the press release said.

Veterinary inspector, police officers and medical workers are now going door-to-door.

The epidemiological situation in the Akmola region and in the Kazakh capital is stable, the Health Ministry said.

A quarantine was imposed in the village of Olginka, Mikhailovsly rural district of the Arshalunsky district of the Akmola region after tentative tests came back positive for anthrax on August 16. Five villagers were hospitalized on suspicion of anthrax, the doctors assessed their condition as stable.

Temporary restrictions have been imposed on the entry and departure of farm animals, road vehicles and people in the village.

The Agriculture Ministry earlier said no animals had anthrax in Olginka.