19 Aug 2019 17:11

United Russia calls out instances of foreign interference in domestic affairs

MOSCOW. Aug 19 (Interfax) - A senior United Russia member of parliament has specified instances of foreign interference in Russia's internal affairs.

"As for interference in Russia's internal affairs, this situation is more than evident. Some facts have already been presented by our Foreign Ministry: the United States Embassy posting on its website the venues of unsanctioned rallies in Moscow, direct calls via state channels - on Voice of America, on the German state channel Deutsche Welle - for participation in unsanctioned rallies, are in our view examples of overt intervention in Russia's internal affairs," Andrei Isayev, first deputy head of the United Russia party in the State Duma, told journalists.

He hypothesized what might happen if RT or Sputnik made such calls on Paris or Berlin.

Instances of foreign meddling in Russian affairs are long known, "they are hardly a secret: boot camps in the Baltics, regular instruction of representatives from the so-called non-systemic opposition in the U.S., annual congresses funded from abroad, the non-systemic opposition in Vilnius - these facts are nothing new," Isayev said.