20 Aug 2019 15:37

Kremlin sees no link between terminated INF Treaty, suspended operation of several radiation monitoring stations

MOSCOW. Aug 20 (Interfax) - The Kremlin has called a possible link between the terminated Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty, and the suspended operation of several radiation monitoring stations absurd.

Journalists asked Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov on Tuesday to comment on the opinion that stations might have been disconnected due to the termination of the INF Treaty.

"This is incomprehensible," Peskov said.

The president was not the only one who affirmed safe radiation levels after the incident at the testing range in the Arkhangelsk region, Peskov said, adding that experts had drawn similar conclusions. "In addition to what [Putin said in France on Monday], explanations were given by experts, and I have nothing to add," he said.

"We have relevant agencies that operate those stations, and I have no doubt they are doing their job properly. [...] I do not know how they [the monitoring stations] are supposed to transmit data, in what amounts, which information, and whether they transmit it or not. I do not have such information because this is not within our purview," Peskov said.