20 Aug 2019 20:51

Five Ukrainians moved to Lefortovo from regional jails - Memorial group

MOSCOW. Aug 20 (Interfax) - Five Ukrainians have been transferred to the Lefortovo detention center from regional penitentiaries, the human rights center Memorial said.

"On August 20 the Lefortovo detention center in Moscow accepted parcels for the Ukrainians Volodymyr Balukh, Pavlo Hryb, Mykola Karpiuk, Stanislav Klykh and Oleksandr Kolchenko," Memorial said in a statement on Tuesday.

Therefore, all of them are inside the jail, it said.

The Federal Penitentiary Service was not available for comment.

Balukh was fined and jailed for almost five years for possession of ammunition. He was serving his sentence in the Tver region, Memorial said.

Hryb was jailed for six years for abetting terrorism and sent to a jail in Krasnodar.

Kolchenko, a Crimean activist, was sentenced to ten years of imprisonment at a high-security facility; he was a co-defendant in the case against the film director Oleh Sentsov and convicted for setting up an extremist group and plotting terrorist attacks in Crimea.

Klykh and Karpiuk were arrested in March 2014. In May 2016 both were sentenced to 20 years and 22.5 years of imprisonment at a high-security facility, respectively, for fighting alongside separatists and killing Russian soldiers during the first and second Chechen wars.

In mid-July the Ukrainian parliament's human rights commissioner, Liudmyla Denisova, met with her Russian counterpart and the two exchanged lists of prisoners and agreed to help them.

On the former's list were 150 people, including Hryb and Balukh, both of whom were mentioned by Denisova separately in the hope that they would soon receive proper medical treatment.