22 Aug 2019 15:02

Kemerovo region authorities affirm control over situation after mass brawl involving Roma people

KEMEROVO. Aug 22 (Interfax) - The police and government of the Kemerovo region are in control of the situation in the Podgornoye village where a mass brawl has occurred, a spokesman for the regional government told Interfax on Thursday.

A meeting between officials, police officers, and locals has taken place in the village, a spokesman said.

"Lots of issues were discussed, starting with circumstances of the conflict involving local residents with a criminal record. The villagers were assured that the police and the regional administration were monitoring the situation," he said

The villagers "were satisfied with results of the meeting" and left, the spokesman said.

Earlier, the police opened two criminal cases on counts of heavy physical damage. The defendant stabbed two persons during an altercation with villagers. He has been detained, and a restrictive measure is pending.

According to the local media, the conflict started when a villager tried to stop a Roma man from bothering a local girl. The villager was beaten, and people came to the assailant's house. At least 20 men took part in the brawl.

An informed source said that the detainee is a Roma. OMON and other law enforcement agencies were sent to the village in order to stop the altercation. Many fighters were drunk, and some of them had an earlier criminal record, the source said.

The village administration told Interfax in a statement that a meeting with locals would be arranged to discuss the incident.