4 Sep 2019 15:03

Russian electoral system ready for unified voting day - Pamfilova

MOSCOW. Sept 4 (Interfax) - The Russian electoral system is ready for September 8, the unified voting day, Russian Central Elections Commission (CEC) Chairperson Ella Pamfilova said.

"The electoral system is ready in terms of all parameters, including the security system and polling stations equipment," Pamfilova told reporters in the CEC on Wednesday.

The commission continues working, receiving applications via the "mobile voter" system and completing the work on the lists of monitors.

"As for the main things, ballots papers have been printed, polling stations have been prepared, and the lists of voters have been verified. We believe we are really ready," she said.

Direct gubernatorial elections will be held in 16 regions and the parliaments will be elected in three regions in Russia on September 8, the unified voting day. The elections of four State Duma deputies, three mayors, and 13 legislative assemblies, including the Moscow City Duma, will also be held. Municipal deputies will be elected in St. Petersburg.

The election of the deputies of the Moscow City Duma of the seventh convocation will take place on the unified voting day. All 45 deputies will be elected on one-mandate constituencies, elections by party lists are not envisaged. A remote electronic voting experiment will be conducted for the first time in three constituencies this year.