5 Sep 2019 11:20

Russian embassy on alleged 'reluctance' to issue visas to new U.S. consular officers: It's a lie

WASHINGTON DC. Sept 5 (Interfax) - The Russian embassy in Washington, DC has described Russia's "reluctance" to issue visas to new U.S. consular officers, as alleged by the U.S. embassy in Moscow, as a lie.

"This is confusing information. It is a lie. We did not expect U.S. colleagues, who are working in Moscow and are perfectly aware of the real state of affairs, to spread such misinformation," the Russian embassy said on Facebook.

"Russia stands for the soonest and complete normalization of relations in the field of visas," the embassy said. "We are prepared to make as much progress as the Americans are ready to make," it said.

"It was Washington that started the 'visa war' hindering stabilization of the work of diplomatic missions," the embassy said.

"The U.S. Department of State insists on applying the practice of personal 'links' and 'exchanges' to all diplomatic workers, including consular officers," it said.

For its part, the Russian embassy "tries to address the proposed 'exchanges' of consular workers as a matter of priority. "Hopefully, Washington will listen to our proposals," the embassy said.