5 Sep 2019 14:52

Premature to say terrorism eradicated from Syria - Russian Foreign Ministry

MOSCOW. Aug 5 (Interfax) - It is premature to say that terrorism has been stamped out of Syria, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Oleg Syromolotov said at the Countering Illegal Arms Supply in Fight against International Terrorism conference on Thursday.

"The main forces of the ISIL (terrorist organization banned in Russia) and their financial infrastructure have been destroyed, but it is still premature to say that terrorism has been wiped out of Syria," Syromolotov said.

"Disconnected terrorist groups continue their fierce resistance and have no lack of weapons and ammunition, including modern hardware," he said.

Syromolotov expressed concern about possible use of artificial intelligence systems by terrorists. The problem is that terrorists possess modern communication means and robotic devices, he said.

"We do not rule out that terrorists will soon be able to use artificial intelligence for perpetrating terror attacks automatically. Militants are increasingly using dedicated communication channels, special programs and modules, and internet encryption techniques," Syromolotov said.