5 Sep 2019 15:10

Putin says offered Trump to buy Russian hypersonic missiles

VLADIVOSTOK. Sept 5 (Interfax) - Russian President Vladimir Putin said at the Eastern Economic Forum on Thursday he had offered U.S. President Donald Trump to buy Russian hypersonic missiles but Trump told him the United States would build its own missiles.

"Last time we met with the U.S. partners was in Osaka, and the way of including our modern weapons, such hypersonic missile systems, in earlier agreements was discussed again, considering that neither country in the world, including the U.S., had built similar weapons," Putin said.

"I offered Donald to buy our missiles if he wanted. In that case, balance would have been restored. They actually say they will soon build [missiles] of their own. Well, they might. But why spend money when we have already done so and can get something from them without putting our security at risk?" Putin said.

He repeated that Moscow was ready to discuss inclusion of its hypersonic weapons in the New START Treaty with Washington.

"We can discuss ways of inclusion [of hypersonic missile systems] with due account of the number of delivery vehicles and warheads. That is a special issue, but anyway Russia is ready for this kind of dialogue. We have not received a clear answer from the Americans so far," Putin said.