6 Sep 2019 13:46

There will be no mass dismissals from state service in Ukraine - head of Ukraine's National Agency of Ukraine on Civil Service

KYIV. Sept 6 (Interfax) - There will be no mass dismissals from state service in Ukraine, Kostiantyn Vashchenko, the head of the Ukrainian National Agency of Ukraine on Civil Service, said.

"I don't think there will be mass dismissals. We have done that more than once and it has never produced results. It's a populist approach to some degree," Vashchenko said in an interview with Interfax, responding to a question as to whether the expansion of the list of grounds for state servants' dismissals will lead to mass dismissals in the near future.

The law determines a framework and then a lot depends on procedures, he said.

"In particular, the procedure for signing a contract, for finding a person unsuitable for his post, etc. At the same time, these procedures should preserve a balance between the head of a state service in the agency and the state servant," the official said.

State servants currently have more rights than their superiors and there are a lot of complaints that people allegedly cannot be dismissed, Vashchenko said. "Therefore, I believe this balance will be more reasonable here. It will discipline state servants and will enable their superiors to influence the personnel policy," Vashchenko said.

According to earlier reports, Verkhovna Rada deputies from the Servant of the People faction registered Bill 1066, amending the laws On State Service, On the Cabinet of Ministers, and On the Central Executive Administration Bodies as regards the reset of the administration, which, among other things, suggest expanding the possible grounds on which state servants can be dismissed.