7 Sep 2019 20:31

FEDOR robot to be ground-controlled during next flight - developer

MOSCOW. Sept 7 (Interfax) - During its next flight to the International Space Station (ISS) the Russian robot FEDOR will perform a spacewalk, Androidnaya Tekhnika's space robotics director Igor Sokhin said.

"[The next flight] will involve three stages. The first one will check whether the robot aboard on the ISS can be remotely controlled from the Earth," Sokhin said from a Roscosmos television studio on Friday.

Having this possibility would be particularly important in the event of emergencies "at stations and lunar bases," he said.

During the second stage, the robot will carry out a wider range of standard flight operations inside the ISS, he said.

"Finally, the third stage, for which the 'teledroid' experiment was created in the first place, is to bring it out of the station into outer space for carrying out elements of an out-of-ship activity," Sokhin said.