9 Sep 2019 11:33

Three Abkhazian presidential candidates who dropped out after first round urge CEC to hold repeat election

SUKHUM. Sept 9 (Interfax) - The Abkhazian Central Elections Commission should hold a repeat election considering the results of the runoff, presidential candidates Astamur Kakalia, Artur Ankvab, and Oleg Arshba, who dropped out of the race after the first round, said in a joint statement.

"According to Article 19 of the constitutional law on Abkhazian presidential elections, a candidate who gains more votes than his rival in the runoff election is deemed to be victorious if the number of votes in his support exceeds the number of votes cast against him and if at least 25% of eligible voters come to polls," the statement said.

"Since neither candidate has gained over half of votes, we believe that none has been elected president of Abkhazia, and the Central Elections Commission must hold a repeat election," it said.