17 Sep 2019 19:44

Kuchma highlights priority of security clauses of Minsk Agreements

KYIV. Sept 17 (Interfax) - Leonid Kuchma, a former Ukrainian president and Kyiv's current representative in the Trilateral Contact Group for Donbas, highlighted the priority of the security clauses of the Minsk Agreements at a meeting with French Ambassador to Ukraine Etienne de Poncins.

"Leonid Kuchma has highlighted the priority of implementing precisely the security section of the Minsk Agreements," Kuchma's press secretary Darka Olifer said on Facebook.

In particular, this concerns a ceasefire, the demilitarization of the Donbas territories not controlled by Kyiv, and the restoration of Ukraine's control over the section of the Russian-Ukrainian border that is currently not under its control, she said.

Kuchma and de Poncins substantively discussed the agenda of the Trilateral Contact Group, whose next meeting is set for September 18. "Security and the liberation of prisoners will be the key subjects of the meeting in Minsk tomorrow," Olifer said.