19 Sep 2019 21:00

Head of EAEU court suggests creating, introducing Eurasian system of justice

MINSK. Sept 19 (Interfax) - It is necessary to create and then use in practice the concept and instruments of the Eurasian system of justice by analogy with the EU system of justice, EAEU Court Chairman Zholymbet Baishev said.

"As we know, the European Union approves the European system of justice. In the Eurasian Economic Union, we could speak not only about the union law, but about Eurasian law and order, too. But this term also requires disclosure and content," Baishev said at a conference of the EAEU court in Minsk.

"The treaty on the union [EAEU] does not contain a definition of the concept of the 'union law' and filling in this gap is an urgent task of the academic community and jurisprudence," he said.

Decisions made by the supranational bodies of the EAEU are not binding, Baishev said. "The union as an organization does not have state power and does not have enforcement mechanisms. Thus, it cannot be used for defining the term 'union law' in the classical understanding of law," he said.

Forming a legally binding system of law for the union is an important function of the integration association, Baishev said. "The existing studies of the EAEU law, unlike the European Union law, are mainly fragmentary and they address specific regulation aspects, whereas a comprehensive study of the union law as a unified dialectically developing system is vitally important," he said.